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Florida child seriously injured by animal bites

Many pet owners know that there could be potential risks for animal attacks. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to ensure that any children are supervised when around dogs or other animals. Unfortunately animal bites are a common occurrence, and serious attacks could lead to individuals suffering serious injuries. These injuries could also potentially lead to legal claims.

The family of a young boy in Florida may consider legal action after the child was recently attacked. Reports indicated that the boy was at a family friend's house with his mother at the time of the incident. Authorities suspect that the mother was inside the house sleeping when the 22-month-old child was attacked by a dog on the premises. It was unclear what may have caused the attack.

Accident leaves Florida motorcyclist with serious injuries

Motorcycle accidents are common events. These incidents often and easily lead to serious injuries as motorcyclists have little protection against other vehicles and outside hazards. If individuals do suffer injuries due to being involved in such an accident, they may face considerable difficulties. As a result, they could potentially file a legal claim against the individual or individuals considered at fault.

One man in Florida may be exploring his options after a recent accident. Reports stated that the man was traveling north when a woman driving a van made a left turn from the southbound turn lane. The turn carried the van into the path of the man, and though he tried to stop before striking the van, he was unsuccessful and crashed into the side of the van. 

Fatal car accident takes place in Florida

After a car crash takes place, it may take investigators some time before they are able to definitively determine what caused the accident. When information about a car accident is not immediately available, the families of any victims of the incident may find themselves putting their lives on hold as they await answers. In many cases, the information resulting from an investigation plays a substantial role in legal claims filed as a result of crashes.

Claims potentially filed after a recent accident in Florida may hinge on such information. It was reported that the crash involved two vehicles, though specific details about the incident were not available at the time of the report. It was noted that police suspected that speed and failure to maintain the correct lane were possible contributing factors.

Family may pursue legal action after serious accident in Florida

There are various actions that a family may wish to take after losing a loved one in a car crash. If they believe that filing a legal claim against the driver considered at fault for the serious accident could be right for their situation, they may wish to find out more information on their options. Gaining such knowledge may help them better handle the difficult circumstances they are likely to face.

One family may be looking into such options after a recent crash in Florida. Reports stated that a 69-year-old man was driving a van north at an intersection when a car traveling west did not stop at a stop sign. As a result, the car crashed into the van. The impact caused the van to be pushed into the southbound lanes where it was hit by a pickup truck. 

Fatal Florida accident may warrant wrongful death claim

Drunk drivers cause serious accidents numerous times every year. Some of those incidents prove fatal, and families and friends can be horrifically affected by the sudden and devastating losses. In the aftermath of such an event, a family whose loved one was killed may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim. 

A recent accident in Florida may lead to such legal action. Reports stated that a man driving a car failed to stop at a red light. As a result, his vehicle crashed into another car. The second car was carrying a 34-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man. Authorities believed that the man driving the first vehicle was under the influence at the time of the crash. 

Florida motorcycle accidents: 1 killed, other seriously injured

When drivers attempt to make left turns, they often have to cross other lanes of traffic. As a result, these simple maneuvers could potentially cause serious accidents if the turning vehicle travels in front of another vehicle. These circumstances often contribute to motorcycle accidents that may occur due to a driver overlooking the smaller vehicle.

Such an accident recently took place in Florida. Reports stated that a motorcycle was heading east with two occupants and had a green light as it approached an intersection. A pickup truck that was traveling west also had a green light but attempted to make a left turn. This turn brought the truck into the motorcycle's path, and a collision resulted. The individuals on the motorcycle were both reported as being 19 years old, and the driver of the pickup was 52 years old.

Florida truck accidents: Bicyclist suffers fatal injuries

A life can be changed forever in an instant, and accidents are among the top reasons that individuals could face drastic upset in their lives. Car and truck accidents take place daily, and serious and fatal injuries are commonly suffered. Not only may the lives of the victims be significantly altered but the lives of their families could be as well.

A recent accident in Florida involved a semi-truck and a bicyclist. Apparently, the truck was leaving a gas station. The driver was attempting to pull onto the roadway when the rig hit the bicyclist, who was heading south in the northbound lane. Reports stated that the truck hit the cyclist and then ran over the individual.

Florida car accident negatively affects family involved

Personal injury and wrongful death claims are options that may be available to individuals who have been in serious accidents. A car accident that results as the fault of another individual and leads to the fatal or serious injury of innocent parties could result in the negatively affected parties filing civil claims against the individual considered responsible. Successful claims could help victims move forward. 

One family in Florida may be looking into more information about such claims after a recent crash. Details on the accident were few, but it was reported that the driver of a pickup truck failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, the pickup crashed into another vehicle. There were two individuals in the truck and a family of three in the car. 

Florida car accident kills both drivers involved

After a car crash occurs, there may be many individuals looking for information in a short amount of time. If a car accident results in fatalities, authorities are tasked with investigating and finding answers for the questions that will undoubtedly arise. Though law enforcement may be able to provide some information, individuals who lose loved ones in car accidents may wish to seek assistance from other professionals if they are looking to take legal action. 

One family in Florida may be considering gaining more knowledge on civil claims after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved two vehicles that collided head on. A 25-year-old man driving a car north crossed into the southbound lanes where his vehicle hit a car with a 19-year-old woman behind the wheel.

Families of Florida crash victims may consider wrongful death

Though roadways are divided so drivers can travel in opposite directions, there is no guarantee that a vehicle will not cross into the incorrect lane. This factor is the cause of many car accidents that result in fatal injuries. In many cases, when a family loses a loved one under such circumstances, filing a wrongful death claim may be worth their consideration.

Multiple families may be hoping to find more information on their legal options after a recent accident in Florida. Reports stated that a 26-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he failed to remain in the correct lane after losing control. As a result, his vehicle and a second vehicle were involved in a collision. The second vehicle left the roadway and flipped. 

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