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Most dangerous driving season just around the corner

Memorial Day is coming up next week, and it is a day to remember the brave people who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military. Unfortunately, this holiday also marks the start of the most dangerous driving season of the year.

Between now and Labor Day, millions of people will spend more time in their cars as they go on vacation, attend weddings, go on road trips to visit family and otherwise take advantage of long, sunny days and time away from work and school. Combine this with the unsafe behaviors in which countless drivers engage and you have a recipe for disaster.

Below are a few of the more common dangers of which we urge Florida motorists to be aware and avoid this holiday weekend.

Wrongful death: Fatal Florida crash claims life of truck driver

Though many individuals likely think that semi-truck accidents cause the most harm to people in smaller vehicles, truck drivers can also be seriously injured in such incidents. In fact, a truck accident could result in a trucker's death just as it could result in such a fate for other individuals. With such outcomes, the surviving family could also pursue a wrongful death claim.

It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in Florida. Apparently, the incident involved a semi-truck and an SUV. The driver of the SUV was attempting to pass the semi when she lost control and hit the truck. The incident caused the SUV to travel into the median while the truck left the road and hit trees.

Unsafe conditions at amusement parks can lead to serious injuries

People from all over the world come to Florida to visit any one of the numerous amusement parks we have here. In fact, this state welcomes millions of people to these parks every year.

While going to water parks, arcades, theme parks and other attractions is supposed to be fun and exciting, these trips can end in tragedy if someone is injured or killed due to unsafe conditions. Sadly, these accidents are not unheard of.

Florida motorcycle accidents often end in tragedy

Numerous vehicle collisions are caused due to drivers being in a hurry and not paying enough attention. Motorcycle accidents are particularly prone to occurring due to a driver overlooking the smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, a seemingly minor mistake can have major outcomes as a significant number of these incidents result in fatal injuries to the motorcyclists involved.

Death was the tragic result of a recent motorcycle collision that took place in Florida. Details on the incident were few, but it was reported that the motorcyclist was traveling east when a car attempted to make a turn onto the road in order to head west. The car apparently pulled into the path of the motorcycle as it collided with the driver's side of the car. 

Parents: Talk to teens about safe driving before it's too late

Summer vacation is just around the corner, which means teens all across Gainesville will be heading out to summer jobs, hanging out with friends and spending the days just looking for things to do.

Before this happens, it is crucial for parents to reiterate the importance of safe driving with their young drivers so that they can avoid serious car accidents. There are three behaviors in particular that parents should talk about with their kids.

Why is fatigue such a concern in the trucking industry?

Every driver should understand that driving while drowsy is a risk that we should avoid taking. However, there are still drivers who get behind the wheel, despite sleepiness and fatigue.

While this is undoubtedly a problem facing all drivers, it is one that is particularly troubling for truck drivers. The connection between fatigue and the trucking industry has even prompted the federal government to establish Hours of Service regulations, which are intended to combat fatigued driving.

Below are a few reasons why sleepiness is such a pervasive and troubling issue for the trucking industry.

Wrongful death: Florida crash claims multiple lives

After the death of a family member results from a car accident, the surviving family may face a multitude of difficulties. Some of those hardships may take years to overcome, especially on an emotional level. Other challenges may come in the form of financial issues that need addressing soon after the fatal event. In many cases, family members have the ability to pursue compensation for those hardships by filing a wrongful death claim.

Multiple families in Florida may be looking to gain information on this legal route after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved two vehicles. As the first vehicle attempted to pass a semi-truck that was traveling in front of it, the car collided head-on with a second vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Poor property maintenance could lead to injuries in Florida

Premises conditions can often play a role in whether an individual could face risks of injury while on someone else's property. In some cases, property owners and operators may have poor property maintenance, and damage or otherwise unsafe hazards may lead to a person tripping and falling. Falls can easily lead to serious injuries, and the injured parties may wish to take legal action.

Florida residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that a woman had been visiting an apartment complex when she tripped over a piece of metal that was extending from a broken screen door. She believes that the property owners or their employees should have known about and addressed the hazard.

What are the elements of a negligent security claim?

When people think of premises liability claims, they often think about slip-and-fall accidents or swimming pool accidents. While these are often the types of incidences that lead to a premises liability lawsuit, they are not the only ones that do.

Another incidence that can spark this type of lawsuit is an assault on someone else's property due to negligent security. However, these claims can be more complicated than others, so it is important to understand the various elements that should be present in order for there to be grounds for this type of suit in Florida.

Family may consider wrongful death suit after Florida crash

Driving is an immense responsibility that too many individuals end up taking for granted. As a result, they may travel at high speeds, get easily distracted or take other actions that could cause them to be involved in a serious accident. Unfortunately, deaths often occur due to incidents with such contributing factors, and families are often left considering wrongful death claims.

The family of an 18-year-old girl may be looking into this legal option after a recent Florida crash. Apparently, the incident involved only one vehicle, and the girl was a passenger in the car. The driver was reported as being 22 years old, and he lost control of the vehicle while traveling at a high rate of speed. The car overturned and hit a tree.

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